Mosaic Matchmaking

Matchmaker speaking with a new matchmaking client

What is matchmaking?

Is it hard trying to find someone that wants an intentional relationship? Are you tired of online dating apps? Have you invested too much time into dating with nothing to show for it? Does your busy schedule prevent you from meeting people? If you answered yes to any of these questions then hiring a matchmaker may be a great option for you! 

Try Something Different 

Matchmaking is one of the oldest forms of bringing people together for the purposes of marriage. Even today, matchmaking is typically reserved for finding intentional relationships where the end goal is either marriage or long-term companionship. 

As a matchmaker, I invest a lot of time into getting to know my clients through a personalized process that includes a series of interviews and assessments. I want to know my client’s background, motivations, lifestyle, goals, and dating preferences. This is all information that allows me to identify the type of person that would be a good match. From there, I utilize my extensive database of singles, in-person networking, and online social networking to find matches for clients.

Once a potential match is identified, they are evaluated on multiple factors to make sure they would be a compatible match. The evaluation process consists of a vetting conversation with the potential match to ensure that the match is a real, available person whose values align with the clients.  

How Does Matchmaking Measure Up to Other Ways of Meeting People?

Matchmakers spend time getting to know you in order to guide their match search. While matchmaking clients get to enjoy the luxury experience of getting hand-picked quality matches. By the time we make an introduction, there is already a mutual level of interest between both parties. 

Unlike online dating sites, matchmaking also takes the guesswork out of dating. Since both parties disclose and are evaluated regarding their long-term dating goals, dating preferences, and authenticity, clients can approach dating situations with confidence!