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Fun Inexpensive Date Ideas in Dallas

Dallas is an awesome place to live. It’s a diverse, bustling city with fun, unique activities, and food worth salivating over. There’s a reason that it’s a metropolitan tourist hot-spot, attracting tens of millions of visitors each year. All that tourism can make a place expensive! We know that it can be a struggle to find cheap date ideas in Dallas. 

Whether you’re taking someone out on a first date, or you want to treat your long-term partner to a special night, it can be hard to plan a date that is both impressive and inexpensive, which begs the question: do you need to go on an expensive date to make your partner happy?

You do not need to go broke in order to make your partner happy. Think about the last good date that you went on. You remember how fun it was, the conversations you had, and how it made you feel, not how much you both spent. While splurging on a partner can be a kind gesture that shows them how much they mean to you, by no means do you have to consistently rake over what feels like too much money just to make your partner want to be with you. The word “cheap” gets a bad rep, and you might think it means low-quality or low-effort. Throw that idea out the window! You can still put tons of effort into planning a cheap date in Dallas that will be memorable and impressive for you and your date.

While the expensive restaurants and activities in Dallas get lots of attention, you can still treat your partner to a memorable, fun inexpensive date. Whether you’re looking to plan a romantic evening, a fun-filled day, or a cozy night in, we’ve got tons of fun affordable date ideas in Dallas:

Date ideas Dallas
There are a ton of affordable restaurants in Dallas for the perfect inexpensive date night!

Inexpensive Restaurants in Dallas

When it comes to affordable dates in Dallas, you may think food is out of the question. It’s not! Here are some great options that boast delicious menus, a fun experience, and a low price-point:

  1. Brunch

Switch it up and take your partner on a brunch date! Enjoy comforting breakfast foods, and maybe even a mimosa or two. A brunch date allows for a fun start to the day so that your date can continue as long as you’d like. Here are some popular brunch spots in Dallas that are known for being great and inexpensive:

  • BuzzBrews Kitchen
  • JJ’s Cafe
  • Cafe Brazil
  • Maple Leaf Diner
  • Ellen’s
  • Twisted Trompo
  1. Dinner

A romantic dinner is an ideal date night, but it can be hard to stay on-budget when choosing this option. While Dallas sports several swanky dinner spots with expensive menus, there are also plenty of nice places that won’t hurt your wallet. Check out these inexpensive restaurants in Dallas, and be sure to visit their websites to see weekday specials and happy hours!

  • Southern Classic Daiquiri Factory
  • El Rey Del Grill
  • Paradiso
  • Loro
  • The Island Spot
  • Burger IM-Westend
  1. Food Trucks

Whether you’re both major foodies, or you want to try something new, Dallas offers plenty of highly-rated food trucks with a variety of cuisines. Ordering from food trucks is typically a good cheap date idea, and can be good for a picnic or for trying out a bunch of different things at once for a smorgasbord kind of date night. Their locations vary, so be sure to check out websites, or visit Food Truck Park in Dallas! These are some of Dallas’s most talked-about food trucks:

  • Dee’s Place Food Truck
  • Tacos, Bites & Beats
  • Serious Salads
  • Easy Slider
  • Cajun on the Go!

Outdoor Date Ideas in Dallas

Take advantage of a gorgeous, sunny day in Dallas with these cheap date ideas:

  1. Public ArtWalk Dallas

A staple for a visit to Downtown Dallas, and it’s completely free! The walk itself is completely self-guided and spans about 3.5 miles, which could take around an hour, making for one of the best cheap date ideas. Pack a picnic, or plan to grab lunch after you’ve worked up your appetites! You’ll have plenty to discuss once you’ve seen all of the inspirational, historical art pieces. Bonus tip: Check out a guide to the featured art and impress your date with fun facts as you go!

  1. Farmers Market

The bustling Dallas Farmers Market is a wonderful inexpensive date idea in Dallas. The price is whatever you want it to be. You can walk around and window-shop, or you can purchase organic, farm-fresh ingredients for a picnic or a meal you can cook at home together. 

The market itself features four restaurants and tons of artisanal food vendors, featuring local and exotic cuisines. We recommend checking their website to see what might be featured on the day you go. Visiting the farmers market can be a memorable date at any time of day: enjoy the sunshine, coffee, and stunning views during the day, or romantic twinkle lights and fancy drinks at night.

  1. Dallas Zoo

Tickets to the Dallas Zoo start at just $8. Talk about a fun inexpensive date in Dallas! You can spend the day strolling through exhibits and learning about animal conservation. To make the date even more special, bring a disposable camera and take pics throughout the day! There are plenty of picnic spots where you can enjoy a pre-packed picnic or a meal purchased at the zoo itself. 

  1. Parks

There are plenty of public parks in Dallas that are completely free to enjoy. Bring your dogs and go for a stroll or enjoy kayaking and hiking at White Rock Lake Park. Reconnect with nature and see some sweet views at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Picnic, stroll, bike, or read under the trees at Dragon Park, Klyde Warren Park, or Lakeside Park. Walking through a park is the perfect time for conversation, whether it’s to get to know someone or to delve deeper into your relationship. Worried about what to talk about? Mosaic Matchmaking offers date coaching services that can help!

couple at park as an inexpensive date idea in Dallas
A date at a local Dallas park is a great place to get to know your partner while keeping your budget.

Inexpensive At-Home Date Ideas

If the weather took a bad turn and ruined your original plans, or you’re both just in the mood for a cozy night at home, you can still plan a memorable date night at home for you and your partner. As long as you plan ahead, and prepare your home for date night, an at-home date can be just as memorable and intimate as a night on the town. Staying home is one of the best ways to save money, and makes for an easy cheap date idea in Dallas.

  1. Cooking

There are tons of virtual cooking classes available in Dallas. Sign up for one, throw on some music, pop a bottle of wine, and set up your kitchen for a night of cooking with your partner. This always makes for a fun bonding experience, and, most times, you’ll end up with a delicious meal in the end! 

Try a cooking class from Sur La Table, MasterClass, or The Cookery Dallas. If you plan ahead, some services like Cozymeal even offer easy ingredient delivery! These can run a bit expensive, so for a more inexpensive date idea, you can always google recipes for whatever you’re craving, stock up on ingredients, and give it a go on your own! 

Tip: Don’t skip the drinks! Rather than a simple beer or wine, find a unique drink recipe to go with your meals.

  1. Movie Night

Netflix & Chill might seem a bit underwhelming. However, you can still have a memorable movie night at home that will impress your date. Here are some ideas for an impressive at-home movie date night:

  • Choose the movie beforehand to avoid endless, awkward scrolling.
  • Setup beforehand: whether it’s string lights and candles in your living room, a comfy backyard setup with a projector, or a pre-ordered meal, your date will marvel at the effort that you put in.
  • Be prepared with your date’s favorite foods or movie snacks.
  1. Game Night

When done right, a game night makes for a chemistry-filled date packed with laughter and friendly competition. The key is preparation: don’t wait for your date to arrive to pick a game and make sure you have food and drinks covered before they arrive. Here are some fun inexpensive date night ideas for a game night at home:

  • Some classic board games can get boring. Switch it up with adult card games like Red Flags, Patchwork, or Codenames. 
  • Video games: If you own a gaming console, choose a two-player game that makes for a fun and friendly competition, like Mario Kart. Don’t pick a game that is hard to understand, or that may be too niche-specific for your date. 
  • Double-date: Invite your couple friends for even more competition and bonding. DO NOT do this without consulting with your partner first. With more people, you can choose any of the aforementioned games, or fun team games like Cards Against Humanity, or Buzzed. You can even try solving a murder mystery together with Unsolved Case Files!

Fun-Filled Date Ideas in Dallas

  1. Museums

Going to museums together can be a great way to bond over art and history, and to learn more about one another. Museum-going can be an intimate, fulfilling date experience. A popular cheap date in Dallas is the Van Gogh Experience. Tickets begin at $39.99 per person, with extra addons available for a more exclusive experience. 

Many museums in Dallas offer completely free admission, including:

  • The Dallas Museum of Art
  • The Kimbell Art Museum
  • The Dallas Contemporary
  • The African-American Museum
  • The Museum of Geometrics and MADI Art
  1. Library

Another freebie! The Dallas Public Library, along with other public libraries, is completely free. If you’re both bookworms, this can be a wonderfully intimate date idea. Select books for one another, or choose the same one and start up a robust discussion. Libraries are fun inexpensive dates because they lend themselves (no pun intended) to a good conversation about favorite books and authors, which is a perfect way to get to know each other.

Tip: Many public libraries offer free events, like cooking classes, book clubs, readings, and more. Check out your local library’s event calendar before you plan!

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering together is a wonderful way to bond, and makes for a feel-good, memorable date. It often makes for a completely free date, and your date will certainly be impressed with your initiative to give back to the community! Go to to find local spots that welcome volunteers. Some spots require applications, so be sure to plan ahead. Here are some fun inexpensive date ideas in Dallas to start with:

  • Bonton Farms: Roll up your sleeves for a super unique date experience. Walk or milk goats, plant seeds, and more. You can even grab a bite to eat at their farm-fresh market!
  • A Different Breed Animal Rescue
  • Dallas Children’s Theater
  • Rescuing Leftover Cuisine Dallas
  • Seeds 2 Stem

For more date ideas, dating tips, or advice, consider becoming a client to receive personalized, one-on-one dating guidance!

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