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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Matchmaker

You’ve chosen four photos of yourself with good lighting.  You’ve written a bio that’s quirky.  You’ve swiped and swiped and swiped.  You’ve forced small-talk over text and cringed at weird pick-up lines. You’ve gone on a handful of awkward dates and been stood up once.  Bottom line: you haven’t found what you’re looking for. Even if you’ve been able to maintain a handful of semi-long-term relationships, you still haven’t found the one. Each failed relationship can be extremely frustrating, and the pain of heartbreak can make you feel hesitant to start again. 

If any of these scenarios sound all too familiar to you, there’s a high chance that you would benefit from hiring a matchmaker. As matchmaking rises in popularity, many questions arise: what is matchmaking? Is it legit? Does it work? Would it work for me? These are all fair questions to ask! Matchmaking offers a wealth of unique benefits that can’t be found on online dating sites, dating apps, or by dating on your own.

Look at it this way: your ideal partner, your match, is made up of a complex array of qualities, and these qualities include far more than age, height, or gender. With an experienced professional by your side, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to individuals who are compatible with your personality, goals, and lifestyle. You’ll save time weeding through people who aren’t serious or right for you, and you’ll learn more about yourself along the way. 

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Here are four key reasons that hiring a matchmaker might be your next best decision:

4 Reasons why you should work with a matchmaker

1. Your Relationships Keep Failing

Relationships don’t work out for numerous reasons. In the muddle of emotions and confusion, it can be tough to pin down exactly why the relationship ended. This can lead to repeated patterns of unhealthy, unsustainable relationships.

The cycle of gathering courage to meet someone, falling for them, and the whole thing suddenly ending can be discouraging. If you can’t understand why all of your relationships abruptly end or fizzle out, expert dating advice from a matchmaker can help.

How a matchmaker can help: When your matchmaker meets with you, they’ll really get to know you, and get to know what is important to you. They’ll discuss your past relationships, and will help you figure out what could’ve gone wrong, to set you up with matches who won’t repeat those same patterns. If you could benefit from date coaching throughout the dating process, a matchmaker can provide that as well, to set you up for future success.

Most importantly, matchmaking clients don’t have to worry that their matches are only looking for a quick fling; everyone who signs up for these services does so with the intention of securing a long-term relationship and long-lasting love. 

2. You’re Super Busy

As a busy professional, you want to find love, but your work is demanding. Dating can be incredibly time-consuming. Online dating and dating apps in particular are time-consuming because of the difficulty in finding partners who are looking for long-term relationships. Months can be wasted messaging back and forth, going on subpar first dates, or investing time with someone who turns out to be afraid to commit.

How a matchmaker can help: A matchmaking service absolves all of the major issues with dating apps, the most prominent of which is the issue of time. Swiping takes seconds, but finding a solid partner on a dating app can take years of trial and error that most busy professionals simply don’t have time for. With matchmaking, there is no awkward small-talk over text and no trying to facilitate chemistry through a phone screen. A matchmaker matches you with another client who is actively seeking long-term love. Moreover, your matchmaker will help coordinate dates and provide time-saving dating advice.

3. You Don’t Know What You Want

Guess what? Few people actually know what they want when it comes to finding long-term love. It’s common to have a list of must-haves when it comes to seeking a partner, but aside from some major deal breakers, there are many little things about a person that you may be unsure about.

How a matchmaker can help: The wonderful thing about hiring a matchmaker is that it’s not all about dating. Much of the matchmaking process involves you. Your matchmaker offers a service that is completely tailored to you—they start off by really getting to know you, your patterns, your communication style, and more! They will help you to better understand yourself, your habits, and your best individual qualities.  It’s like having a personal hype-man who knows how to show you off in your best light.

You’ll receive dating advice, yes, but you’ll also learn about yourself in the process. This way, your unbiased matchmaker can match you with other people whose personalities and goals align with yours. 

4. You Lack Confidence When Dating

Dating new people takes time, energy, patience, and confidence. Lack of confidence is a major roadblock for many people when it comes to dating. Lacking confidence in yourself can lead you to choose partners who aren’t right for you, to stay in unhealthy or incompatible relationships, or end relationships prematurely. 

How a matchmaker can help: Your matchmaker is like your hype-man. They’ll help you to understand yourself and provide useful dating advice to guide you through the dating process and help you gain confidence in yourself and your choices. Matchmakers use recruiting and relationship-building skills to connect you with compatible people and to help them establish meaningful connections that lead to long-term, committed relationships.

Long story short: Matchmaking is a highly personalized dating service. There is a human aspect to matchmaking services that isn’t available with online dating. For individuals who could use date coaching as they go, or help discover the kinds of people with whom they can build strong, lasting relationships, hiring a matchmaker could be the most effective route. 
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