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5 Reasons Why Matchmaking Is Expensive

One of the first questions that I get asked as a matchmaker is, “Why is matchmaking so expensive?” I get it! Matchmaking has historically been viewed as a luxury service for high-networth individuals because of the financial and time investment. In researching the matchmaking industry, I’ve seen that an experienced boutique matchmaking company can charge anywhere between $10,000 – $65,000. That’s a big range, so let’s consider five factors that can determine the cost of matchmaking services:

  1. Location – Location, location, location! Many of us have heard this phrase when it comes to buying a home, but location can have a major impact on the effort required to find you a great match. Matchmakers have to account for the ratio of single men to single women, competition for eligible singles, and the effort it takes to connect with singles in your city. Just like with everything else, you also have to factor in the cost of living. A matchmaker operating in a major metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles may charge more for their services.
New York Skyline a popular city for matchmaking, but matchmakers may charge more in larger cities.
  1. Expertise – While the concept of matchmaking is straightforward, many matchmakers have educational and professional backgrounds that make them skilled at their craft. There are also extensive matchmaking and date coaching certification programs to learn even more about the strategies behind being an effective matchmaker. Matchmakers that have earned these credentials may charge more. In addition, matchmakers with more years of experience may charge more than newer matchmakers. 
  1. Niche – Matchmakers that specialize in working with specific populations have to spend additional time studying and navigating the dating landscape of their demographic. They must understand the unique dating challenges of that group and be familiar with how society, culture, and history affects their demographic’s dating outcomes. It takes an informed approach and tailored strategy to ensure that they are effectively serving their intended niche. Typically, the more specific the matchmaker’s niche, the more they are able to charge.
  1. Process – Matchmakers spend years tailoring their matchmaking process to optimize the number of successful introductions. Most matchmakers have a comprehensive process that involves getting to know you, understanding your dating goals, and identifying your match preferences. The process can include services like interviewing your friends and family, reviewing your online dating profile, scheduling mock dates, and setting you up for dating success through date coaching. Some matchmakers also make themselves available 24/7 to answer questions or provide dating guidance. The more services a matchmaker includes the more they may charge.
  1. Preferences – With clients that have very specific needs or a lot of non-negotiable preferences, a matchmaker may have to work harder to find a great match. To account for the added requirements, a matchmaker may customize their pricing based on a client’s needs and preferences. For example, if a client only wants matches that are over a certain height, have a particular body type, have obtained a specific level of education, and share the same spiritual and political beliefs, the matchmaker has to put forth the additional time to find someone that meets each preference.

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