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Our matchmaking service is a highly personalized process for professionals of color. Through assessments, detailed interviews, active listening, and coaching sessions we get to know you intimately and match you with compatible individuals.

In addition to clients, we also allow singles that are interested in being matched the opportunity to join our free database.
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Date Coaching

Date coaching equips you with the tools and resources you need to date successfully.  

We provide one-on-one date consulting at an hourly rate.  Below are some of the most common needs we see from our coaching clients:

Could you use help with one or all of the situations above? Let’s discuss how we can help.
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Singles Mixer Events
Looking to meet other black and brown singles in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area?
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Mosaic Matchmaking hosts fun, casual events for singles to meet and mingle in a relaxed environment with other professionals of color. We pride ourselves on creating the most diverse singles events in Dallas-Ft. Worth.
Our events include virtual meetups, networking happy hours, cultural celebrations, and service projects with local community organizations.
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Invite Brooke Fitzpatrick to speak at your event!


Brooke is an engaging speaker with experience delivering presentations on dating, relationships, and marriage to an array of audiences. She is available to book for keynotes, panel discussions, conferences, workshops, podcasts, and more! 

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In-depth Interview and Analysis of Dating Preferences
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Dedicated Matchmaker
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Date Coaching
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Brooke is an amazing matchmaker who has provided me the opportunity to meet high quality matches. She took the time to get to know me and what I am looking for and it showed. Each match was was someone I would choose for myself or a friend and that goes to show the care Brooke take in selecting them. Matchmaking is a worthy investment if you’re looking for a way to streamline the dating process and find someone of quality. Thanks Brooke!

—-Carolyn, Matchmaking Client

It has been great working with Brooke! She came along to help me on this dating journey when I was running into a lot of difficulties finding a matchmaker with whom I could connect. She is kind and attentive and took the time to learn me to then optimize my matches. If love is a battlefield, I’m so glad to have Brooke as a coach, liaison, and confidant. I’m so glad to have met her.

—-Dalia, Matchmaking Client

I highly recommend Brooke of Mosaic Matchmaking for any busy professional seeking matchmaking services. She is a reliable and very experienced consultant, who can best assess your needs and wants in the dating space. Brooke starts with taking you on a journey of self-discovery and analysis, so that you can best understand who you are and what your worth is. From there using her expertise and talent, she masterfully helps position you as the best candidate you can be. This process helps to maximize your ability to attract other potential dating candidates that most closely meets your expectations from within her own network, as well as a host of online platforms. Ultimately, she will guide you in a way that results in success in identifying multiple potential partners that is truly satisfying and gratifying.

—–Jason, Matchmaking Client

For those that have been out of the dating game, are struggling or have no idea how to play, I highly recommend Mosaic Matchmaking. Brooke is excellent at her craft and it was evident from our initial meeting. She is very patient and took great care to pinpoint the gaps in my romantic endeavors. With Brooke’s help, I became more comfortable when attempting to make authentic connections. My return on investment was worth every penny and I recommend her to anyone who is starting out or starting over.

—Ofon, Date Coaching Client

Brooke is pleasant to talk to; upbeat and positive. The advice she provided was relevant and insightful. She’s a great listener and took time to get to know me. Recommended!

—-Gail, Date Coaching Client

If we decide we want a pandemic wedding, you are the FIRST on the guest list. This is 100% because of you!

—Dorothy, Matchmaking Client